The Dance Scene is pleased to be the featured exhibition for
August, 2015 at the Brenda Tuxford Gallery. The Dance Scene
presented a whole new collection of 100 dance photos with a
wonderful premier featuring live artists and dance models.

The Dance Scene Gallery is a rotating gallery of the Dance Scene’s
photography exhibition, lead by Director Carrie Badeaux. The
project began June of 2012, blending photographers, dancers, and
vista sites of Humboldt County to create breathtaking compositions.
The first gallery exhibition opened March 2, 2013 premiering a
projected show of 100 photographs, live artists with dance models,
and silhouette stage performances. This special and unique project
was also how the studio name came to be. The show is on
permanent rotation as part of the Ink People’s Alternative Galleries.
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Dance Scene Studio
Dance Scene Gallery