Summer Classes: July 5th - August 28th
Dance Scene Studio - 1011 H St. Eureka 707-502-2188

Creative Dance:
Ages 1.5 - 3. This 30 minute class combines an introduction to music,
dance, rhythm, stretching, coordination, ballet basics, and creative
thought. Utilizing rhythm instruments or dance props each class to
assist in the learning and fun!

Ages 4-5. Introducing classical ballet technique basics. Each class
focuses on stretching, proper posture, feet positions, and alignment.
Comprehensive ballet vocabulary is taught.  Class structure and
discipline are also implemented as musicality and creativity are

Ages 6-7. Fundamentals of classical ballet technique. Each class
focuses on posture, body positions, and alignment while also building
on ballet vocabulary.  Class structure and discipline are also
emphasized. Musicality and creativity are explored through
improvisation.  Watch your child’s confidence and appreciation for the
art form grow as he or she masters new skills and makes new friends.

Ballet 1:
Ages 7-8. Structured ballet technique where each class focuses on
proper posture, body positions, and alignment. While building on
ballet vocabulary, musicality, and creativity explored through

Ballet 2:
Ages 9-12. This is a more formal ballet class adding classical elements
of adagio, petit allegro, pirouettes, grand allegro, and advanced port
de bras.  Emphasizing the importance of form, musicality, and
presence makes this class both challenging and rewarding. Previous
experience is suggested for this level. Ballet ll students should be
taking at least two classes per week to gain the proper strength and
technical skills necessary to meet their full potential.

Ballet 3:
Ages 12+. For more serious dancers progressing from Ballet II to
continue their training. Emphasis is placed on technical proficiency as
dancers learn how to execute ballet combinations and choreography
both in the center and across the floor.  Previous experience is
necessary for admittance to this level.  

Advanced Ballet:
Age depends on experience. For experienced dancers of a technically
demanding level. Preparation for professional training. Emphasis is
placed on coordination, musicality, and technical proficiency as
dancers learn how to execute ballet combinations and choreography
both in the center and across the floor. Adv. Ballet students are
encouraged to take three to five technique classes per week to
achieve optimal results in their advancement.

Adult Ballet:
Ages Teen-Adult. This class is ideal for the mature adult student who
has had experience in ballet at any  level. It provides a
comprehensive overview to the art form. It is useful to those newer to
ballet, as well as those turning to ballet after an extended break.

Jazz 1:
Ages 6-8. This class will focus on learning proper dance technique
such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality, and
developing complex rhythms and patterns. Students will be exposed
to various styles of jazz such as Broadway, Street, and Contemporary
to help develop a well rounded dancer. Class curriculum is based on
ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movement and includes
a proper warm-up, stretches, across-the-floor progressions, and

Jazz 2:
Ages 9-12. This faster class will continue to learn proper dance
technique.  Students will study various styles of jazz  to help develop
a well rounded dancer. Class curriculum is based on ballet technique
layered with traditional jazz movement and includes a warm-up,
stretches, across-the-floor progressions, and center combinations.

Adv. Jazz:
Ages Teen-Adult. This energetic class blends of several styles of
dance: hip hop, popular dance, and jazz technique. Classes will
encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own
individual style and personality to the movements. Class includes
upper and lower body conditioning, video components, and a rigorous
warm-up to prepare students for intense choreography.

Hip-Hop 1
& 2:
Ages 6
+. This intermediate-level class provides a structured method
of learning various Hip Hop dance movements in a fun-filled and
vibrant class environment and offers a new set of combinations and
routines every time.

Belly Dance Workout:
All ages. Strengthen, tone, and sweat all while having fun and
learning the art of belly dance in a supportive environment.

Tiny Tap:
Ages 3-6. Designed to develop rhythm, style, and sound, students will
learn a variety of tap from Broadway to Rhythm.

Tap 1:
Ages 7+. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles,
coordination, style, and speed of movement.

All ages. Utilizing a system of controlled exercises that engage the
mind and condition the total body. Blending strength and flexibility to
improve posture, reduce stress, and create lean muscles.

Ages 10+, This dance form combines ballet and jazz. Classes include a
ballet warm-up, jazz progressions, stretching, jumps, and turns all in
a lyrical style.

Private lessons are available, please consult the instructor or studio
director for more information.

It is advised that before class:
Strive to get the most from each class by using every day as an
opportunity to improve your dance skills and techniques. The following
tips will ensure that you have a successful dance class every time.

Arrive Early
Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to give yourself plenty of time to
prepare, warm up, and stretch. Most teachers appreciate students
who are on time and ready to work. If you arrive late, enter the
studio quietly between combinations to avoid disrupting the class.

Save Big Meals for Later
Don't eat a heavy meal right before you go to class. Dancing on a full
stomach is never a smart idea. Have a small, high-energy snack
before class instead. Good choices for pre-class snacks include fresh
fruit, nuts, energy bars, or dried fruit.

Wear the Right Clothes
Go to class in the proper dance attire, as specified by your teacher.
Always wear dance clothes that fit your body well and make sure your
shoes are the correct size.

Fix Your Hair
Take the time to secure your hair up and out of your eyes and face.
For ballet, hair is to be worn in a secure bun. If your hair is too short
to be pulled up into a bun, try a tight ponytail instead. Bangs should
be secured away from your face.

Clear Your Mind
Before you enter the room, clear your mind of any outside issues or
concerns. Many people find dancing to be a stress-reliever...use your
class time to relax and clear your mind. Instead of focusing on your
worries, concentrate on your dancing.

Claim Your Space
When you enter the studio, find a spot to stand with plenty of  room
to move and stretch out freely. Wherever you choose to stand, make
sure you can see and hear the teacher.

Be Sensitive to Injuries
If you have an injury, don't overdo it. A sore muscle is vulnerable to
further injury. Realize that your injury will not last forever, but forcing
it will probably prolong your recovery time. Always listen to your body.
If you feel like you probably shouldn't attempt that grande jete, don't.

Learn at You Own Pace
Everyone learns to dance at a different speed. Don't compare yourself
to others in your class. Some people just seem to catch on faster than
others. Ask questions if you are unclear about a step. Do your best,
smile and have fun!

The Dance Scene has two beautiful renovated Victorian dance studios.

Studio A is 40’ x 27’ with over 110’ of ballet barres with a shock-
absorbing sprung hardwood floor covered with a professional grade,
thick, non-slip, Marley floor.

Studio B is 25' x 15' and is a warm and more intimate studio with Birch
hardwood floors originally from the historic Carson Mansion’s pavilion
that are covered with a professional grade, thick, non-slip, Marley
Ballet, Pointe, Jazz,
Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop,
& Creative Dance:

Class Tuition Options

Term Tuition:
4 Months (Sep. - Dec.)
Creative Dance $125
1 class /week $15
2 classes/week $2
3 classes/week $
4+ classes/week $


Monthly Tuition:

1 class/week/month $40
2 classes/week/month $70
3 classes/week/month $95
4+ classes/week/month $100

Creative Dance/Tiny Tap

Consult the instructor for other
class prices or Private Lesson fees.
Class Leotard Colors:

Creative Dance - Light Pink
Pre-Ballet - Light Pink
Ballet .5 - Light Blue
Ballet 1 - Light Blue
Ballet 2 - Burgundy
Ballet 3 - Navy Blue
Adv. Ballet - Black
The Fall Term begins September 4th
with a full schedule of classes in Ballet, Creative Dance,
Lyrical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Belly Dance, Pilates, and Pointe