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Dance Scene Studio - 1011 H St. Eureka 707-502-2188

The Sundance Ballet Company is the North Coast’s
premier dance company, directed by Carrie Badeaux.
Specializing in contemporary and classical ballet, the
company is already receiving critical praise for  
choreographic ingenuity and performance quality.    
Established in 2012 as a non-profit DreamMaker Project
of the Ink People, the company strives to produce major
productions each year, collaborate with other professional
artists, tour, and give back to the local community.
Sundance Ballet Company
Company Members
Aimee Rump
Sequoya Cross
Hope Magee
Katie Kitchen
Clare Endert
Tonya Perry
Stephanie Carter
Mariana Hill
Carrie Badeaux
Performance Company of the Dance Scene Studio
Company Apprentices
Brooke Grammer
Jenna Stevens
Jr. Company
Hailey Austed
Zaila Barba-Oliveri
Stuart Cataldo
Adriana Granados
Cain Towers
Syona Gonzalez
Annabelle Raven
Clairese Mayo